The Property Value Assessment Process

The property value assessment (appraisal) of your home is an essential part of home ownership and a part of Texas law. The appraisal district of your county is tasked with determining the value of your home at least once every three years. In brief, here’s how it works:

  • The county will classify your home based on size, construction type and other factors.
  • For residential properties, the county will generally use a “market approach” to determine your property’s value.
  • In a market approach, the value of your property will be based on the price at which similar properties sold on January 1 of that tax year.

The Texas Constitution requires that all property be taxed equally and uniformly. If you have been granted a homestead exemption on your property (see Tax Exemptions <jump to H4>), then the assessment may not increase more than ten percent per year.