For Sellers

A Personal Approach to Home Sales in East Plano

I take a personal approach to home sales in East Plano. I know that every seller has a priority when selling his or her home:

  • Getting the best price
  • Getting a quick, as-is offer
  • Getting out from under a mortgage where you own more than your home is worth
  • Weathering the market until property values increase

My extensive experience with the East Plano real estate market and tireless work ethic lets me customize my solutions to your home sale needs. My work for you begins with an in-depth personal consultation, where I will clearly define what results you want to see. I want to know how you define success when selling your home in East Plano, and then I set out to deliver it.

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A Different Kind of East Plano Real Estate Agent

You’ve seen it before: a real estate agent comes in, looks around your house, tells you a price to list – and that’s it! That’s just one strategy, and it’s probably not the one that will deliver the results you want.

I became an East Plano real estate agent to offer my fellow Plano residents a smarter option. The reality is that your house will sell within a range of prices depending on your marketing strategy. These strategies can take varying levels of participation and effort from you. I will take the time to explain your marketing solutions clearly and completely, so that you understand how to best market your house for maximum results.