New service keeps owners informed of real estate prices in their neighborhoods

There are many reasons you would need/want to know the value of  your home.  You may be considering selling and need to know what your home is worth. You may need the information to file a property tax protest with the county.  Your financial planner may want the information to aid in the preparation of your annual financial statement.

Up until now, only a REALTOR® or appraiser could give you accurate information.  It may be difficult or expensive to get this information WHEN YOU NEED IT.  In the past, you may have depended on heresay from your neighbors of the the sale price of their home.  You may have relied on the inaccurate values produced by mass appraisals done by the county tax assessor.  However, North Texas Homes is offering a better alternative: Market Snapshot.

When you sign up for this FREE service, you’ll receive a monthly report letting you know the list and the SALES prices of the homes in YOUR neighborhood. This report includes a map showing the location of your personal home along with location,  sales prices and list prices directly from the REALTOR® MLS (Multiple Listing Service). You will also get valuable data about the market trends in your neighborhood.  You can see samples of this report and sign up for your free copy by visiting