Tips to help sell your house

When people think about selling their house, they often worry because they think there needs to be huge fixes…bathroom remodels, new floor installations…renovations on a grand scale. But here are three little tips to cheaply give buyers a positive impression of your house:

  1. Clean: Nothing makes your house more inviting than simply cleaning. It lets the buyers see the house in the best possible light, and helps them imagine them living there. It also give you a significant leg up on the competition because a lot of sellers don’t take the time to do this simple step.
  2. Mow: In show biz it’s called the X Factor or “it,” in real estate it’s called “curb appeal.” When a buyer pulls up to your home, they make a split second judgment on whether they like the house or not just based on the outside, and I’ve seen that judgment have an effect on whether the carpet is a big issue or not. Take the time to mow your yard, re-plant your flower beds, and trim your bushes.
  3. Declutter: Almost nobody wants to live a small, cramped house. Make your house feel larger and more open by putting larger pieces of furniture in storage until you move and rearrange areas like the living room to give the impression of space. Also, if you are the knick-knack type of person, consider packing some of your items away. If you are bad at this kind of stuff (like me), I would recommend bringing over a friend or family member that likes to decorate and tell them what you’re going for. They are usually more than happy to lend their expertise.

Just following these simple suggestions will help your house “show well.” Good showings mean more offers, which means you can pick and chooses which deal you take. If you have any suggestions of your own, feel free to post below!